USI — Future of humanity with AI, artificial intelligence with Cedric Villani, Kevin Kelly, Mark Esposito, Kevin Klein, Ingrid Betancourt

After the conference USI (Unexpected Sources of Inspiration) I wanted to tell a story about the Future of Humanity facing Artificial Intelligence (AI) by picking in each conference (Cedric Villani, Kevin Kelly, Mark Esposito, Kevin Klein, Ingrid Betancourt …) some food for thought and assembling them.

We’ll go through the following ideas :

Our challenges : DRIVE : Demographic & social changes, Resource scarcity, Inequalities, Volatile scale complexity, Enterprising dynamics (with Mark Esposito)

Our current reactions : procrastination (Tim Urban), punishment (Emmanuel Jaffelin), creating a butterfly by plugging wings to a caterpillar (Eddie Obeng )

One solution : Artificial intelligence becoming a commodity, however there are many intelligences (Kevin Kelly) that could lead us to augmented humans (wings, x-ray eyes… Moran Cerf )

But AI could outpace us as Lee Sedol experienced when facing AlphaGo (Nick Bostrom) and create major turmoils (loss of jobs, inequalities — Laurent Alexandre). Artificial intelligence Complementary Quotient would outdate IQ.

However, we should never violate three rules : lose our body, our autonomy and randomness (still Laurent Alexandre ;)

Thankfully, there is still hope, as long as we provide the nutrients to give birth to ideas (Cédric Villani). We must go beyond easy tricks to lure masses (Dan Ariely) and ride the light as Einstein did to foresee our future (Etienne Klein)

Start by Design (AI) is a first step (John Maeda), giving a share to people in need (Leila Janah), extensively test AI by hackers (Keren Elazari) are others.

If ever strong AI overcomes us, we will have one last thing it will never get Faith (Ingrid Betancourt)

You’ll find the whole story here :)

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