Major key alert: They don’t want you to be on Snapchat so you should be on Snapchat

DJ Khaled is absolutely killing it on Snapchat and it all started with a simple snap on a jet ski in 2015.

Who would’ve known that talking to plants, yelling out lion, describing turkey bacon for breakfast made by Chef D, being blessed, or talking about an elusive “they” would lead DJ Khaled to have as many views on Snapchat as the hottest primetime TV shows.

Just this morning while I was waiting for the B train to come, I watched DJ Khaled’s new promotion of a 22 day vegan lifestyle — I’m a meat lover and I almost considered stopping my steak obsession.

Brands can learn a lot from DJ Khaled…

and despite initial resistance from marketers, the disappearing video/photo platform is ripe with marketing opportunities.

According to Snapchat, more that 60% of US 13–34 year olds with smartphones use Snapchat and Snapchat has more than 7 billion video views per day (up there with Facebook).

The major question is how can brands measure success on/ROI from Snapchat anyway? What are brands supposed to be doing on Snapchat?

And what can we learn from DJ Khaled? How can brands use Snapchat as a marketing and acquisition channel?

1- BE FUN. The other day I spoke with Brad @NextGenBizMan who runs @SnapchatPodcast and his own social media agency about how Snapchat is just a FUN platform.

It’s fun and thrilling pushing down the center button and seeing what video/picture your friend or favorite brand/influencer is sharing.

Snapchat should be fun for brands too — the disappearing videos shouldn’t be daunting, but rather an opportunity to create and tell engaging stories.

2- Repetition, authenticity, and catch phrases are key.

DJ Khaled’s snaps resonate because they are authentic and he has branded himself with key phrases (that seem ridiculous but are relatable):

Major key


Cloth talk

Another one

They don’t want you

He also uses emojis and hashtags, which are popular among younger demographics. For example, when he promotes Ciroc apple vodka, he uses the green and red apple emojis followed by a simple “apple.” His snaps have been so successful that his catchphrases are now integrated into everyday vocabulary.

Khaled is every marketer’s dream.

3- Be true to your following. Be consistent. Be real.

DJ Khaled’s snaps usually include a shout out to his fans with “fan luv” — he appreciates his followers and engages with them in a genuine manner. Instead of forcing marketing, he seamlessly integrates products and promotions into his snaps.

4- Marketing is 24/7 and is mobile.

Brands need to be part of the daily conversation on visual/video platforms like IG and Snapchat on mobile as teens and millennials increasingly turn to their phones for entertainment and communication.

So if you aren’t already, you should follow @djkhaled305 for some major keys to success. 🔑🔑🔑🔑

5- Some metrics you might want to track:

  • Opens and open rate — know exactly how many followers viewed all of your postings, campaigns, stories
  • Screenshots — track engagement
  • Completion rate — how many ppl viewed your story or snap until the end
  • Tap rate — how many ppl viewed the snap for the entire duration of the snap
  • Daily, weekly, monthly follower growth rate
  • Breakdown of how followers added you: by username, by snapcode, or if they added you back

5- More Snapchat resources:

For those new to the world of Snapchat, I also really like: A Breakdown of Snapchat Metrics and What They Mean for Marketers via @tylawmma

Alex Taub @ajt, cofounder of SocialRank, wrote a solid, informative, and entertaining guide to all things Khaled:

Also, @KrisGillentine hosts an awesome weekly #ChatSnap Twitter chat about Snapchat every Wednesday at 2 pm EST.

Some more Snapchat stats:

And if your brand or brands are on Snapchat and could use some major keys to Snapchat analytics, we would love to help.

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