Debunking Hard-work, Child’s Play, laziness…

Having the ability to do something at an exceptional high level in comparison to others nowadays is referred to as Talent: an aptitude or skill that comes very naturally to an individual. This will set the difference between a high-school ballplayer and a professional ballplayer. This will set the difference between a talent show singer and a world tour singer. Talent separates the good from the great and the great from the Elite. When TRUE talent shows up you better believe you will have to see the difference because everyone else tries SO hard and the ‘talented one’ just does the action/procedure like it is nothing…like they were born to do it. This is all true…maybe for some people though, it is a little too true.

People are SO amazed at the ‘Greats’. The people who did the impossible, unthinking, unfathomable…you get the point. What they are not able to see or be amazed at is the WORK it takes to become GREAT. Before you say Cliff NO ONE CAN DECIDE to become great, think again my friend. Yes, I am a ‘hard work’ advocate and to prove my point lets hop into a time machine.

Back in the olden days when we were all children growing up we did alot of things and activities. Child’s Play. Sports, art, music, and all the good things kids do nowadays. As we moved along these activities either we or our parents noticed we were really good at something. NOTICE: No work involved yet…JUST. PURE. TALENT. Now if you were to not do that activity you were soooooo good at for the next 15 years and all of sudden you are 21 and you decide I’m going to go and play orchestra piano or go to the NFL draft combine without ANY Practice aka HARD WORK throughout the years, AND SUCCEED at becoming an NFL Professional football player/Concert Pianoist then CONGRATULATIONS my friend you are truly talented. However if you had to work throughout the years to hone you SKILL (hint hint) in a particular field then its safe to say you had to WORK.

No one wants to hear ‘WORK’. We all want to be amazed and believe that these are sons of Zeus and Athena and they just waltzed here on earth to show us puny humans there superior skills. NONSENSE. Talent is noticed when you are a child at play. Afterwards nothing but hard work can make you a professional at what you are talented at and if you REALLY think about it TALENT doesn’t mean shit at the top because everyone is at that level through hard work. Nobody gets to the top off of talent. NOBODY. So the reason I gag every time I hear people bring up talent is because they use it as a excuse to be lazy. It’s an excuse to not dream in life. It’s a lame ass excuse to aim for the top of a tree instead of the sky and stars. Put up the talent excuse and go get shit done!

Now go and LIVE YOUR LIFE!!

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