Know what you are getting yourself into…

Everything comes with a price. It’s not always a monetary price either. In the ‘world of success’ were many things professions and careers have made many different people a success story they all had their share of trouble, doubt, and luck pursuing their passions. When you are pursuing what you REALLY want in life be prepared for the bumps and twists in the road of life. It WON’T be easy but if you make it it will be rewarding.

Knowing what you are getting yourself into is important also. Too many people are out picking “passions” because of the status one could recieve and the cliche fame, and money involved. A real passion is not fabricated and you would do it for the rest of your life FOR FREE. A passion is something you come home and do after a loooonngg, tiring 9 to 5 job shift. A real, true passion you would hardly miss a day doing it, ever. Too many times people mistake passion with ‘something I would do because I like what people would think about me and the money I would make.’ Please know what you are getting yourself into. If you follow your true passion there probably wont be money in that for you for a verrryyyy long time. Are you comfortable dying having not made a penny from you passion. If not, dont waste your time. It was never you passion anyway.

When you follow your dream/passion also know you have to be good enough and get enough exposure to make your passion a profitable job. If you are not good at what you do how do you expect anyone else to admire what you do. This is a main reason why I hate people coming up saying, “Why haven’t I succeeded yet? You ask them how long have you been doing this? They say “about a year”. Well GO BACK AND WORK!!! There is hardly anything you can master in 1 year. Maybe 5 years and definitely 10 years but, 1 year? C’mon. This brings me back to my first point: If you don’t truly love it/in it for the money and/or fame you wont have the PATIENCE to get good at what you do because you would not do it for the rest of your life for free. You don’t do it in your free time. You would rather go out than work on your dream (not saying going out is wrong). You would rather watch some cheesy tv show on netflix than face the work that is required to be the best at what you do which would take YEARS of EVERYDAY PRACTICE.

People please know what you are getting yourself into if you follow you passions. It ain’t pretty like you see on TV which is what has a lot of people messed up in the mind. They think its all glory. The truth is 97% is underground back-breaking, mind numbing, hardwork. If you enter this realm please know what you have signed up for.

Now go and LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!

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