You’ll live forever.

Get happy. Be happy NOW. Who said you cant be. Your current job, your current home, you current friends, your parents, or family?? When you decide to not be happy you ultimately buy into the greatest illusion there is known to man: You’ll live forever. If you’ll live forever why should you move on a get things when you can just waste a little time complaining. You’re gonna be here a thousand years to complain about it anyways right? You’ve got time. Why should you make stuff happen when you can wait on them to happen? Why blame yourself when you can blame others. Then you can switch people you’re blaming because they’ll be dead. You’ll till have centuries to go.

We need to know that the greatest lie we will ever be told is that we have the privilege to complain, waste time, and blame others for where we are in life. You are wasting your greatest asset: Time. The fact so many people indulge in such a destructive state of mind is insanity at best. Yet the thought is so believable and so mind-soothing that resistance to give in to these thoughts is an effort made everyday to keep yourself from falling into the trap. People who believe this illusion usually thinks that they need BIG CHANGES. They believe a large sum of money, car, truck, house, and superficial friends will solve everything. When you can step behind the mirrors of illusion you will see the only thing that need to be changed…in my next paragraph.

What does these lies and illusion mean to hide from you? What is hidden beneath the mirrors of self pity, victimization, and self doubt? Power. The power of peace, love, positivity and happiness. With positive energy comes empowerment. With positive energy comes the sharing mindset. You want to help others. You wake up with a purpose. You live everyday as if it is your last. Truly. When you don’t accept the illusion that is TOO EASY to take, you have the universe in your hands. The best part about this illusion is that the only thing that changes is your mind. Nothing else changes. There was never anything else that needed to change in the first place…except your mind. Dont fall for that illusion. It’s not there to serve you. You will live forever. You’ve got time. Don’t buy into that lie

Now go and LIVE YOUR LIFE!!

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