“Jennie is a cook at a restaurant and Don is a doctor. Now they’re fighting about their thirteen year old son hanging out with the owner of Jennie restaurant’s competition’s daughter. Don believes in true love and thinks they should be together. Jennie comments that she doesn’t believe in true love, I mean look at them she married him. Jennie’s mother laughs at Don and Don laughs with to the surprise of Jennie. Don’s brother comes in with their son and they announce their son has decided to sell crack as an extra income. His parents congratulate him and they turn on the music. Now everyone starts dancing and a strange woman comes into the room. Don’s brother picks her up and they kiss. Jennie tells her she likes her hair. Don goes to the kitchen to check on the chicken in the oven. Jennie’s mother goes upstairs to continue her growing alcoholic addiction. Jennie calls her man on the side and tells him she’s pregnant. She bursts out laughing when he says it’s over. Jennie’s son raps a song and Don’s brother….”
“Are you done yet?”
“What you didn’t like my version?”
“This is why I hate watching foreign shows with you.”