I shouldn’t have used the machine, but I didn’t think dad would find out. But now I was standing in the living room gathering up the courage to ask his help. Lisa and I found the machine in the basement a week ago. I probed my dad about it and after finding out what it was I knew Lisa and I would sneak in the next weekend to check it out for ourselves. It wasn’t bad at first. We tested a half eaten banana that Lisa was munching on. We giggled when it worked. It was amazing! I had total bragging rights at school on Monday about this. We were going to be rich. But when Lisa made a joke about twins, I got an idea. An idea I never should have spoken. Because now they were out there. And soon people will find out and I’ll be in trouble. Plus I don’t think my dad knows how to get rid of them just yet. And Lisa, where was she? I lost her among all of them. I should have known it was a bad idea. My dad waited for my question. I bit my lip and said, “Dad I cloned Lisa. Can you help me find them?”