I fastened my seat belt. Moving to a new place was never fun. I’d moved before when I was six but I couldn’t even remember it clearly. I had just made friends at school and now we had to move. I would never see them again. Where I was going was far away from them. My mother checked her list to make sure we packed everything. My dad handed me the brochure for the place we were going. I didn’t know why everyone was so excited. I didn’t want to go. I liked it here. It was all I’d ever known. What if I didn’t like it there? I heard the weather was terrible and the air was funny. Plus they had a dress code and I looked bad in that big white suit my mother bought me. I didn’t want the useless head gear as well. Movies always made it look fun but it wasn’t like they made it to be. It took months of planning, filling in forms, completing tests, and a whole lot of money. I should know my dad kept talking about it. But we had no choice. Those who stayed were going to regret it they said. We’d probably never see them again. I swallowed a lump. Grandma’s application was denied because of her age. I’ll never see her again. I looked out the window. I heard it was quite a view. Not that anyone really knew if that was true. No one ever came back after going there and they didn’t stay in contact. I pulled the window shut and readied myself for a long flight. This was going to take years. My brother nestled his head on my shoulder and I took out the brochure again. Moving to a new planet was never fun.