The woman reading a book was the first to scream.

I was always an abnormal individual. Seen as strange and sometimes disturbing by others. My kitten died when I was four. I was grounded. My mother didn’t take the knife in my hand that well. I had a best friend in high school. Even though everyone hated me she was the only one who stayed. She’d always stand up for me and sometimes I think she might even have had a crush on me. One day she tried to kiss me. She never spoke to me again after I wrapped my hand around her skinny neck. But I’m not a bad person and I love my mother just like the next one. I also had a stuff teddy bear like most kids — even though I beheaded mine, I also brought flowers for my mother on mother’s day — I just preferred the dead ones, and I also snuck out in high school — so what if it was on Halloween to the cemetery. I was just like everyone else. That’s why I didn’t get why the room at the restaurant was going crazy when I took my own food out. So I brought my own food. It was just a head.