They didn’t come for me. But maybe they didn’t find out about my mistake just yet. When you get a visit from one of them, you know you messed up big time. I messed up big time. I changed history and not for the better. It was an accident though if that helps. See I kind of got carried away and started a war. Now half of the population is dead and the other half is fighting to death. But it’s okay, as long as no one hurts the president…wait no someone just, yes, someone just killed him. I’m starting to worry. If this goes on any longer no one will be left. You’d think I’d be glad they didn’t find out about it or didn’t show up. But I’m not. Because if they’re not here, it means all of humanity has been wiped out. Including me. If a time traveler comes for you, you messed up big. And I messed up big. But they didn’t come for me.