My life, is quite a mash of too many emotions, which is what life is, but sometimes it’s a bit to much for me. I’m an 18 year old girl but not really your normal 18 year old girl. I’ve never had a boyfriend nor do I want one anytime soon. I really just need to focus on me and figuring myself out at the moment and what I want to do or what dreams I want to follow. I go to a tiny school (150 beat that) and only have one friend; the rest I only talk to in school not outside of school. I have depression, I do not want it and am trying to stop it. I’ve been trying new things and trying to be happier and think happier but its quite hard with my family bumming me down quite a bit. I get so confused with my emotions all the time, one minute I see or do something and I feel incredibly happy and never want that moment to cease and the next someone ruins it and it feels as though I’ll never be happy again. I love the happy moments though, there bliss. I guess I’m a woman though and thats what happens or happens to me? I love to read, it’s my favorite thing to do because it’s the only time I can get away from all this pain and junk in my life and have a new one, even just for a moment. I get lost in my books, but that’s the best part. I love many things but my family, and-at times- my depression holds me back so it’s a bit hard. My dream college, my parents don’t want me to go, my dream job, my parents think it’s a terrible choice, me wanting to go and do something, I feel to sad or angry to do it. Its a mess sometimes but I know something better is coming, deep deep down I can feel it. To end on a happier note my favorite thing is being happy, smiling, and laughing, it’s what I do best and love best. Thank you ☺

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