Why you Should Write Naked

There are moments when I find myself in a state of pure vulnerability. Moments where my heart does not stutter, but freely sings the song of my soul. These moments are when I am makeup free, my hair falls as it wills, and I am wearing nothing.

I find this to be the perfect moment to unravel the true undiluted expressions of the soul. When I am in the shower, I tend to think. It is virtually my only alone time during the day. With a busy life, the shower offers a quiet moment to stop the craziness, and to think about my life.

When I get out, I find that I am in the perfect position to write what is truly on my heart and what needs to be released. I have so many thoughts and feelings that are fresh, and I know as soon as I get dressed, I will push the thoughts away and focus on my to-do list for the day.

So I started taking time before I got dressed to write.

I feel deeply that there is an honesty that comes when there is nothing to hide behind. You are never more yourself than when you are Naked. I started this habit not long ago, but I am able to get so much more authenticity on the page. I feel like there is a new rawness to my writing.

I am able to write about things that were deep rooted that I didn’t realize needed to be expressed. In return I have healed in places that I had previously learned to live with the hurt.

I feel so refreshed and renewed and ready to focus on the things that I need to knowing I gave myself a quite moment with the most natural version of myself.