IELTS Speaking Part 1

Here is a collection of videos I found it’s useful to improve IELTS speaking ability. I will keep it updated.

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Part 1 (common topics)

  1. Name/Work/Study

a) What’s your name?

b) Do you want to change it in the future?

I don’t think so. It’s a gift from my parents, I’m very emotionally attached to it.

c) Do you work or study?

I’m currently studying toward the PH.D degree in the University of SH for Science & Technology.

d)What are the subjects you like or dislike?

The subject I am passionate about is math, it’s the most beautiful discipline I have ever met. While the business is definitely not my strong point, it often sounds boring and tedious to me.

2. Hometown ( Places in your hometown/ if you prefer to live there in the future)

a) Where do you came from? Where do you live?

I came from Nanjing which is in the east of 🇨🇳. It’s a place where you can feel both historical and modern atmosphere.

b) Is there anything you don’t like about your hometown?

c) Does it rain a lot in your hometown?

Well, the rain season in my hometown lasts roughly from April to July. During that time, it rains quite often. It rains little during other months.

3. Home/family

a) What are the bad parts about your flat?

Truth to be told, I am quite satisfied with my flat right now and can’t come up with anything that I can’t bear. Although it is not huge or posh, it is cozy and warm. It can give me a sense of belonging, which I think is enough.

b) Why do you think family is important? c) Is family life important in your country?

4. What is your favourite food📺/drink📝/sport/TV program/leisure activity/book/weather/time of day/animal/flower/song/teacher? Why do you like it?

My favourite drink is green tea, which I find is very refreshing in all kinds of weather.
I’m so obsessed with Rock Music, cuz it takes me to a wild world, I’m quite a big fan of Coldplay, a British Rock band. It’s the real sound of my feeling, which is really beautiful. 🎶 can always show its magic to give people different feelings. And people from different countries can appreciate the same 🎶, which is a miracle.

5. Sports


a) Do you like doing sports?

Definitely. I love 🏀 mostly, and I play 🏀 with friends regularly.

b) How often do you do sports?

I thinks it’s really determined by the weather condition. If it’s sunny and in Summer, I would always try to drag myself out to do some outdoor activities like 🏀 , at least two times a week. However, in winter or rainy days, I’d probably stay at home and watch videos. Occasionally, I’d go to a gym to work out.

c) Why do you think it is important to do sports regularly?

Well, the most obvious reason is physical health. But I also think frequent sports participation is really excellent for mental clarity & positive attitude.

d). What kinds of sports are popular in China?

There are several popular sports in my country, China. The most popular one is 🏀. There are millions of fans who follow professional 🏀 closely.

e). How do you feel about the health?

Health is absolutely the top priority to everyone. It’s hard to imagine how someone can survive without being in good health. That means we basically just can’t put a price tag on health. In other words, health is something that can’t be measured in terms of 💰.

6. 💻

a) What is the importance of computers? What do you usually do when you surf the Internet?

They make our life easier and more colorful. With computers, I can do almost everything, such as checking emails, watching videos, chatting with my friends, shopping online and searching for useful information.

b) When did you start to learn how to use computers?

I think it was during my high school time. By then, there are some mandatary PC courses that I had to learn how to use them.

c) How often do you usually surf the Internet?

To be honest, I surf the Internet everyday, it has become part of my daily life. It’s hard to imagine how I’m going to survive without the internet.

7. Language

a) What is the language you want to learn in the future?

I alway want to learn French. I think it’s quite popular among the western world. Also it’s one of the most spoken languages in the world. It would be very useful in my future development.

b) What is the importance of a language?

Language is a critical part of the society. It has the magic to make people from different countries understand and get to know each other, which I guess is the beauty of language. Sometimes, some facial expressions and gestures might help a lot, but still, they are not as handy as language.

c) Do you often use dictionary? Do you think it is good?

Yes, I do. It enables me to learn some new words and slangs immediately. It is really useful and convenient. I use it almost everyday.

8. Weather

a) Do you like rainy days?

Definitely not. You know, it will bring a lot of trouble for me because I usually ride bike to commute. It is a terrible exprience to ride in the rian.

b) Do you normally watch the weather forecast?

It is not something on my must-do list everyday, but it is always good to know what the weather would be like earlier. You know, I can prepare in advance like grab an umbrella or wear more.

c) Do you prefer to live in a cold place or a hot place?

Cold weather. You can appreciate the ice sculpture, ice carving; You can either go skiing or skating. Whenever you want to sleep, it is always so comfy and cozy, cuz the heating makes the room like spring. To be more precise, I particularly like spring festival because of all the delicious foods, though some people always too worried about getting weights.

d) Have you ever been in cold weather?

Once upon a time, I was in Beijing, which is one of the northern cities in 🇨🇳, it was so annoying that you couldn’t really go out to the street because of the particularly heavy ❄️. Luckily, I only stayed there for a couple of days, then I hurried back to hometown which has the sub-tropical climate.

e) How often is the weather cold where you come from?

Normally once a year. Because of the subtropical climate, it is clearly divided into 4 seasons. The lowest point of the temperature occurs at the end of Dec. and the beginning of Jan. During these days, people usually wear Cashmere sweaters or heavy wind-proof jackets.

9. Pets

a) Do you love pets? Explain why.

Absolutely! They are so cute and can always be our best companions. If your pet has been with you for a long time, you will find that they totally understand you like a real friend.

b) Do Chinese love pets?

Well, I would probably say it depends on people’s different personalities. Most of the Chinese love pets. But some of them might have a high standard of hygiene; they don’t think it is safe to have a pet at home. Fair enough, you know, I am in no position to judge.

c) Do you often go to zoos?

When I was little, I often went there. Seeing those animals broadened my horizons and enriched my knowledge; but now, I seldom go there.

10. AD

a) How do you feel about TV advisement?

Objectively speaking, some of them are creative, entertaining and inspiring. But some of them are just nothing but torture, anything but fun. They are boring, corny and tacky. And the worse thing is that they always pop up out of nowhere when I am intrigued by the roller coaster of my favorite TV serie. You know the feeling of seeing something old over and over again? It is just unbearable!

11. Place & Transport

a) What kind of place do you like to travel to?

I think I would probably choose the natural sceneries as my favorite destinations. It is because lakes, mountains and trees can always offer me a refreshing escape from the overcrowded city, which is usually full of competition and pressure. Particularly, I consider Hangzhou as one of the most attractive cities that I’ve ever been in China, as the west lake there makes you feel so pleased with the flawless beauty of the mother nature.

b) Would you like to go to a historic building or a natural scenery?

Visiting historic relics means you can learn history vividly rather than from 📚, you can see and even touch. For example, the forbidden city, the Great Wall, which can help you understand the ancient Chinese culture, custom and civilization. However, the nature place has its virtue, too. You can really see the shape of mountains and the beauty of lake, which can make you forget about the pressure of the work. The west lake in HZ, grassland in inner Mongolia, I suppose, are both flawless wonders of the Mother Nature. Since I am faced so much stress from the city where I lived everyday, in the future, I’d say, I will probably go for natural sceneries more often.

c) What is the most popular transport in China? And your favorite transports?

It depends on which city we are talking about here. If it is a big city like Beijing or Shanghai, the most popular transport is the 🚇 or 🚗; While 🚌 or 🚲 are more welcome in small cities. As for me, my favorite transport is 🚇. Cause I won’t be bothered by any traffic jams, and 🚇 causes no exhaust pollution, which is quite environmentally friendly.

12. Leisure time

a) What do you do when you have free time?

b) Do you like to meet friends or be alone?

c) How often do you have time to relax during week?

d) Is it important for people to be active in their free time?

e) If you could be anywhere to relax for an hour, where would you go?

f) Have you ever heard any good suggestions about what to do for relaxing?

13. Art

a) What kind of art do you like?

I am addicted to painting, I think I have a talent for it. I spend most of my spare/free/leisure time in painting. It can relax myself, cultivate my art judgment & inspire my creativity. I can tell a story by drawing different things and express my emotions by different color selections.

14. Eat

a) Would you like to eat in a restaurant or at home?

The food in the restaurant these days is quite greasy with too much animal fat. While eating at home could be healthier, food cooked by mom at home is always so delicious, dining together with the people whom I love is also a great pleasure. On most occasions, I’d choose the latter one.

b) Is healthy eating important?

Well, if I think about it, I guess that in many ways it’s fairly important. Especially when you consider those health problems such as diabetes and obesity.

15. Laughing

a) Is laughing the same as feeling happy?

I suppose they are quite different. Laughing could be of something funny and amusing, such as jokes. It’s psychologically being touched and refreshed. Such felling usually disappears immediately. However, being happy is more likely of being lucky. You feel content about your life. For instance, you’re getting promotion, you’re getting married with one you loved, not everyone has such great moments. The feeling of being happy lasts forever.

b) Do you think it is important for people to laugh?

I do consider laughing is quite necessary. When you laugh, you forget about the annoying problems from the time being. The pressure, panic and anxiety from the daily life will just disappear. Specifically, I always feel greatly released because of a big laugh on a dinner party.

c) Do you like making other people laugh?

Of course/definitely/absolutely. Every time I make people laugh, I feel a little sense of achievement, sort of fulfillment. Because I am being helpful and needed. Usually when my best friend get sad, I’d like to cheer her up, you know, life is, most of the time full of disappointments, that’s why we need to maintain a positive attitude towards it.

16. Cinema

a) How often do you go to the cinema?

To be honest, I think I would have to say it really depends. Like for instance, if I have the 💰, then it’s quite possible that I will watch a movie in the cinema, once or twice, even three times a month. You know cinema tickets are pretty costly in 🇨🇳. Whereas in contrast, if I’m poor(broke), it’s more likely that I’ll watch movies at home on 💻. You probably know that computers are quite cheap here, especially compared to the price of a cinema ticket.

17. Future plan

a) What kind of future plan do you have?

If possible, I’d love to stay abroad to work for several years to obtain some precious working experience. Overseas experience will facilitate my job-hunting and improve my competence. After years of practicing in certain industry, I will definitely acquire some sophisticated skills and will be competent on job-hunting back in 🇨🇳.

b) What you will learn to go abroad?

I believe I’ll have more chances to learn advanced technologies and techniques abroad, to get deeper insights of the unfamiliar foreign pieces, to experience how the English world works. It should be a big fun to meet interesting people from diversified cultural background.

c. What kind of degree are you going to get abroad for?

The reason I want to take this exam is because I hope to do my further study abroad to get a doctor degree. IELTS score above 6.5 is the basic requirement for the application. Actually, going abroad can also broaden my horizon and help me better understand the outside world.


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