a toast for everyone that i’ve disappointed
for all the times that you’ve counted on me
and in the end, i wasn’t there, again and again
you didn’t deserve that, not at all
i retrace every step to find where did all went wrong
where is the point that i turned into this massive pile of shit
but all that i got is myself lying in my room crying till i sleep
and this is all that i can get, my mind is mess 
this is all that i collect, torned memories of a tattered past

go to sleep, don’t talk, don’t breath, don’t exist
you’re a bunch of acts of them, glued with anxiety
a sould trapped in a body waiting for be released
you are not pure, you are not beauty and you are not clean
collapse in the parking lot, i bet that your mind’s been buzzing a lot
the sky is falling down as everyone is watching you break your face in the pavement
they tried to help you but you’re already dead
[because you choose to be dead]

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