bonfires, hooks and home

the flames they dance in the midnight moon
people doesn’t know about me and you
they don’t understand the burned houses
they don’t see the beauty in the scent of destruction

it used to be us, it used to be us versus the world
it used to be hot and flammable, it used to be fire
does the world has something that we don’t?
they swung upon us, a hail mary against the winners
our defense was down, open
we praised the sun but Him didn’t answered
left, righ, left, right hooks on the most important thing
we’re trembling, dazed and confused

the bonfire isn’t off, it’ll just take an effort to be dancing with the moon again
a hard work for both of us
we’re down but we’re not off the ring
they hit us but didn’t put out the fire

i’m searching for the sunlight
i’m gathering wood for the fire

the most difficult part is now
the real test is now
we’ll be back home, stronger than ever

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