HCDE Visualization

1. WHAT: What did I do?

This week, I learned to use the software called Tableau, which is a professional software helping users to visualize their data sets. In order to practice to use the software and develop a method to make complex information and data easier to read and summary, I made three different visualizations. I firstly chose a user group which decides to do researches in the field of Seattle incidents. They wants to find some serious social issues of Seattle and conclude from the data sets. My visualizations help them to finish work effectively and efficiently.For example, if they compare all those data one by one, it is nearly impossible because there are 330,000 data sets in total. I only spent one hour to incorporate all data together and help them reach the conclusion.

Below are my 3 visualizations:




I found this project enjoyable and meaningful. For example, When I opened the software Tableau, I had the opportunity to combine several kinds of data type together to make a brand new data type. I could even make data sets colorful and embody data into actual size. When I have those options in my hand, I imagined myself as a scientific artist who has the ability to make data visual. Also, this project is meaningful because it is easier for people to analyze data under the help of Tableau. For example, When people want to rank all types of incidents happened in Seattle in sequence order, they have to compare all 330,000 data sets. However, it is impossible for people to process this amount of data manually. Fortunately, with the help of table, the only one step people need to do is to open the data of incidents in the Tableau and drag the number of records into proper space and take some measures. These steps only take several minutes.


The project provided me a fundamental practice of visualizing data. This method is the best way to analyze data and problems of various areas, and find ways to improve the experience of users and products or services when designing some applications. And the vitalization project can be applied in a lot of areas in the future. Take my own product as an example, my product is an application called Hi plant which is designed for citizens and scientists about the data collection of plant health situation. I will try to incorporate this visualization method into Hi Plants. By doing so, it is more convenient and efficient for scientists who use my application to analyze the health condition of trees. Before, they were only able to collect the textual information and analyze the data sets manually. Now, information and records uploaded by users will be converted to charts with accurate titles and even colors automatically. Scientists only need to take a glance before they can reach conclusion. Finally I will do some research and try to incorporate part of the functions of Tableau into my app.