Is HBO Max and Discovery together a good deal?

HBO and Discovery+ are merging as one streaming service next summer, and people have their concerns.

This news comes after Warner Bros. Discovery launched this past April. First of all, HBO and Discovery+ are two different networks. HBO already has its own content, while Discovery combines with networks like TLC, HGTV and Animal Planet. This creates a major audience shift in HBO’s identity.

HBO for years hasn’t shied away from their adult-oriented shows like True Blood and Game of Thrones. Having them bundle with Discovery+ is an incompatible turn because of their family, and nature-related shows.

The executives claim that everyone gets something for the whole family to enjoy. However, subscribers didn’t seem to favor this on Twitter.

The target audiences from each program are different as well. HBO targets millennials and Gen X while Discovery+ is for more baby boomers. Two generational audiences are not going to work for one entertainment bundle.

While this was simply a marketing tactic to compete with cable networks, these two platforms have nothing in common. Game of Thrones has nothing in common the home-feeling shows that Discovery presents. Some HBO watchers don’t want to scroll further to find their favorite show.

HBO Max will no longer hold its meaning because of Discovery+. It may or may not be as successful as it was alone due to the criticism. There were other platforms that Discovery+ could’ve merged with Peacock has a more relaxed audience that has 35–44-year-olds.

It may be a little early for this merge since it’s been two years. Given the criticism, we may not be sure how many people will gravitate toward this new streaming service. This may also be a way to get former Netflix subscribers out of the way in addition to more revenue.

For hardcore HBO, fans would unsubscribe if they cut their favorite HBO shows after not making no more scripted original shows. Shows like Batgirl were shelved after test screening problems. What’s in the future for the Game of the Thrones prequel, House of Dragon? Or other newly released shows like The White Lotus? So far, their future is debatable.

It’s also not fair for the writers who helped produce these shows. If they are going to combine two demographics, HBO and Discovery+ content may be challenging for both households since you’re dealing with two conflicting genres. In the end, both networks will split between the youth and the middle age. People will have to be open-minded to the changes and adapt.

When it all comes down to it, the bundle package will determine whether people will pay for the service. No one would want to pay more for less quality content. We’ll see if the HBO and Discovery+ merge will work out in the next five years.



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Aaliyah C Humphrey

Aaliyah C Humphrey

I’m a pop culture writer who discusses TV, music, and film. I’m also a nostalgic Gen Z who loves history.