Finding A Better Property Puts Light On The Eternal Builder vs. Buyer Ruckus

Realty market has been perpetually bad-mouthed for project deliverance issues aka project delay. This has been considered as the devil of all roots. It triggers the rage between buyers and builders. Metro cities have been dealing with under construction projects over past couple of years now. In Kolkata we have pointed out a large number of incomplete flats in Rajarhat, Birati and Garia region where budget flats are soaring on demand. Delay in project deliverance has set buyers antipodal to the realty market. Buyers are found actively vocal on ground as well as on social media revealing builders’ cutting the corner activities and to make it in sight of the government realm.

Now buyers are facing tough choices in selecting their dream home. As, developers’ slyness has hit the ceiling, buyers are now hitting builders from every possible corners for protecting their rights. The fume of their grievance has become as big as life in all over the Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp groups, buyers’ association, consumer forum and the latest in process addition RERA tribunal. Buyers are now selected the internet platform to bring out their resentment. Tagging has become the mass weapon to jab the builders. Many big names of construction companies as well as realty brands have been alleged on the mass platform for lingering the deliverance and fluctuation the base price of the project time to time. This accusation is getting louder with thousands of additional claim on daily basis and there’s no surprise that buyers have already acquired the favorable side.

Reasons behind this outrage
a) Possession delay creep the realty investment. Buyers are being kept on hold for several years. 
b) Developers are found doing agreements with the buyers as per their convenience, so that buyers can be double-crossed in the long run.
c) Brokers and realtors are backing off the projects so that buyers won’t have any other option than to connect with the company.
d) Increasing property price.
e) Minimal numbers of new project launch.

Essential tips to avoid this chaos
1. Don’t rung after cheap property deals. Rather than emerging locations it’s always safe to invest in established big locations’ properties.
2. Ensure lucrative offers and discounts don’t sideline the main investment purpose. Check the developer’s previous tack records.
3. Always take stock in the integrated townships.
4. Ask for all required project approvals and land purchase certificates.
5. Read all clauses of the sale agreement in detail.
6. Invest in those properties where an active secondary market is parallel. 
7. Assess the perspective of the investment for maximum investment return.

-LNN (Liyans News Network)

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