Just Need To Work On Infrastructure A Bit, Kolkata Can Be The Next Big Investment Zone

Urban living is the prime requirement of every home buyer. As of now, the rural and urban population ratio in India is 70:30. But within coming few years most of the population will be living in the cities. Reports suggest approx 600 million people will start living in Indian cities by end of 2030. People need advanced facilities for their lifestyle enhancements; this has been the reason for infinity behind growing inhabitance in the cities. But Indian city infrastructure has yet to go good ways to obtain equal level, straight-shooting development in every urban area of the country. Reports suggest an approximate investment of $1.2 trillion will be required to smooth the progress of the infrastructural developments on a land space of about 700900 million sq. metres to organize the pro-urbanization population among the Indian cities.

Union government is doing all possible tasks to initiate this ambitious project called ‘Smart City Mission’ which has also started attracting foreign investments of late. London School of Economics gives a nod in this aggressive project under government’s flagship. The sole belief behind this ambitious project is smart cities in India could be the model for other developing cities on a global scale.

In Kolkata, Rajarhat is the chosen area, which has the every potential to become the next big thing in Kolkata realty. Flats in Rajarhat own all the advanced connectivity and infrastructural resources determined by the technological bedding. As a basic step towards improvement Kolkata has officially launched online unit area based property tax paying service called the Unit Area Assessment Method (UAA) from April 1, which would enable property owners to assess their property valuation. Under this system the city will be divided into seven zones based on location and civic amenities availed by the property owner. This KMC (Kolkata Municipal Corporation) initiative has been achieved after so many years in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Both the property owners and the civic bodies will be connected through the online tax system integrated by Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS will ensure property area and related utilities. In future, property owners will be provided digital property IDs which will empower them to pay directly to other public sectors through online gateways.

Drainage system is the improvement sector that Kolkata needs to reform for advance township development purpose. Now, KMC is associating with the public sectors for implementation of advanced system. In case, of any disaster, an automated alert will be given in form of sms much before the incidents. In this way city could be saved from unnecessary water loss.

Already New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) is in process to create wifi hotspots in Kolkata’s New Town area in collaboration with KPMG- a professional advisory service company as effective part of the smart city project. The city is expected to enjoy all advanced amenities like world’s advanced hi-tech cities by 2050.

-LNN (Liyans News Network)

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