There Is No Circular On Linking Aadhar To Property Card- Maha Chief Secretary

Maharashtra chief secretary rubbished the news of central government issued circular on linking Aadhar card to property card. Trashing the rumours the state secretary also confirmed that the letter cited to the cabinet secretariat on digitalization of land records and linking that very record with Aadhar card numbers had been reckoned fake by the state government. He also affirmed that there was no plan of the same by and by.

Earlier the state the district information offices in the state have issued a circular to enforce this rule before the revenue department. On which revenue department created objection saying that digitalization of land records was fractional; thus, it’s impossible to stick on the central order. Officials of the revenue department informed that the letter dated on June 15, 2017 was on a watermark paper and was attributed to the under-secretary of the Government of India. The initiative was taken strict action against those not linking properties to Aadhar number under the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amended Act, 2016.

The letter asked chief secretaries, additional chief secretaries of all states and Union territories, Lt Governor of Delhi and secretary of Niti Aayog to arrange digitalization of all land records starting from from 1950 and linking the information to property owners. The letter stated that all documents of land records, mutation records, sale and purchase records from 1950 of any immovable property, including agricultural land, needed to be done before August 14 this year. The letter declared forged also referred to that properties not twisted should be considered for suitable action under the Benami property act
The settlement commissionerate officials confirmed that the process of editing was being executed and was in individual phases. While some divisions had rev up the assigned task, there were some complications at the entry level. The public reading of records will be attained to ensure the revised names are entered into the official records to establish an authentic digi-document. After completion of this process once the digitized records will be uploaded, thereafter the linking process with the Aadhar might start on.

Currently the process of linking Pan Card with Aadhar card is state-of-the-art. The purpose of this move initiated by the government in is three fold:
To restrict Multiple PAN card users 
• To prevent tax evasion. 
• To simplify the e-filing process of Income tax return

But it is predicted that soon property details to be linked with the Aadhar card number. This move aims at bringing every property tax payer under a legitimate regime and also preventing increasing level of illegal land acquisition. It is calculated that limited property tax calculation leads to financial deficit every year. Thus, it’s expected linking of property documents with Aadhar card will soon to be kicked off.

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