Package Problems in Udacity Self-Driving Car Nano Degree Lane Lines Project 1

Yesterday I watched the DARPA self-driving car grand challenge video. I was very excited to see that Stanley first passed final line. After that I told myself it was amazing that the machine could drive themselves. So I was very proud to join this community.

Today I went through the first project and met some problems in installing the python packages for this project. Now everything goes well, so I want to summarize how to fix the problems.

1. Installing ffmpeg

Before you can use moviePy, you need to install ffmpeg. The tutorial said that you can install it like this

import imageio

I followed above, but got an error,

AttributeError: module ‘imageio.plugins.ffmpeg’ has no attribute ‘download’

By referring to this link, I reinstalled imageio of the version 2.1.2

conda install -c conda-forge imageio=2.1.2

Then it was ok to run the following code to install ffmpeg,

import imageio

But then I got another error,

FFMPEG binary not found. Try installing MoviePy manually and specify the path to the binary in the file

After trying some methods, I finally download FFMPEG binary from website. And following the instructions in, I added the path to the executable I have downloaded just now. Fixing the problem!

2. Problem when import VideoFileClip

When I run the following code,

test_clip = VideoFileClip("test.mp4")

I got an error,

TypeError: ‘float’ object cannot be interpreted as an integer

And by referring this post, I fixed this problems.

Hope it could help!

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