Fame An Inner Reflection

The son of a very famous actor came into my work last night. He’s a young 18–20 something celebrity himself, known for being outspoken on his views on life. As he came up to me I didn’t acknowledge that I knew him and just treated him as I would a regular customer. We said hello and he started talking to me. I then asked him to tell me something exciting. His response was this, “alright you want to hear something exciting, I’ve been gay my whole life.” He seemed as though he was trying to push my buttons or shock me, which I was surprised about. I paused and thought about it and replied, “well maybe we are all gay because really we are all just souls having a human experience and we are all just one underneath it all.” he paused and replied that I had just blown his mind, “ which didn’t matter to me really. Being in the position I am at my job living on the opposite end fame, I felt as though I wanted to understand it in a deeper way. I in that moment I kind of took in the difference between seeing him in person and the view of him the media was trying to portray, I then said, “and to add to that, thank you for being a part of my experience because I’m really wondering what you are reflecting to me right now as a part of me in my consciousness. He just stood there kind of shocked and replied, “you must be a very lifted person, elevated.” I said thank you, I like to think of myself as conscious, and I jokingly asked him if he would like my autograph,” he replied yes so I ripped of a piece of paper and signed it with my name and handed this young celebrity of a famous family my autograph. As he walked away I told him I would be sending he and his friend love and light all night and he screamed, thank you!!

I thought about his initial reaction to me afterwards and I often wonder and process about fame in the media and its influence it has on me and others. It’s like the media and fashion industry use these peoples want for attention to get our attention and we tend to get memorized and idolize them. That may sound simple to anyone and I thought about how challenging it must be to be on the other side of it. I in the end had a greater understanding and compassion for the lesson of meeting this person as it must be such a confusing and abstract experience to have. When your entire family is famous it must be challenging to find your place. Beyond all the photo’s I see and things I read about him he just seemed underneath it all sweet boy finding his way and for what ever reason his experience intertwined with mine for that moment in time. In the end I gained a greater awareness of the oneness we all are and that really each individual character I meet has a gem that they are bringing to me and perhaps me to them on my quest to love everyone and myself in a greater way.

Have a a lovely day,

Reflections, 18" X 24" mixed media on water color paper. Painting By me

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