Dear David Bowie…

Me, with wild hair, in 2007 in the early days of USC Film School

Hi David! Should I call you David? That sounds so informal. Mr. Jones/Bowie? Wonderful muse? Too much. Ok, bring it in Liz.

Hi! I have been a fan of yours ever since I can remember. I’m first and foremost a fan. I’m separately a filmmaker who just made a movie inspired by your impact on the world. It’s called SPEED OF LIFE and I got together with friends and family to shoot it this spring.

In the film, when you died, the universe broke. Which is kinda how I felt when it actually happened back in 2016.

A faux album cover of some of our crew members!

It’s a film that, I think, works on its own but is also a tribute to you. We want to use one of your songs, “Ashes To Ashes,” in a pivotal scene in the film. Do you think you could help us win favor with the powers that be?

We suspended a Jareth figurine on top of our on set monitor during production (April 2018).

I know you’re gone, but to so many of us, you’re still so present in our lives. I think you’d really love our movie. It’s cosmic and out there and is all about self-acceptance, something that you were a huge part of for me and for others who love you and your music.


Liz — — writer/director of SPEED OF LIFE — — —

Elizabeth R Manashil

Written by

feature filmmaker (Bread and Butter + Speed of Life) & manager Creative Distribution Initiative, Sundance Institute

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