Building the “Last Mile” for Digital Therapeutics

Building the Last Mile: Getting to Market, and to Scale


Getting into provider workflow.



Patient adoption.

What Will Make It Through?

  • The head of the AMA was taken to task for calling digital health apps “snake oil.” But in the realm of digital therapeutics, the risk of snake oil is a valid one to consider. Without standards, without demanding evidence, low-cost look-alike products that make promises but do not deliver clinical benefit can and will gain market share. In a nascent market like digital health, this is a real risk — the market may lose faith in the category as a whole.
  • Clinical evidence must separate wheat from chaff in this market. To grow roots in the medical community, a digital therapeutic must generate evidence to validate that it has a clinically-proven impact on patient outcomes. The burden of evidence required is, and should be, a high bar. It falls to health systems and regulatory groups to choose wisely, and develop criteria that will set the gold standard for digital therapeutics to rise to.
  • Leaders within KP have been encouraging early digital therapeutics companies to deliver evidence of 1. efficacy and safety, but also of 2. enrollment (or initial adoption) and 3. sustained engagement. Evidence of all three is essential in order to understand how a digital therapeutic has an impact on a person’s health.

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