3 Business Blogs That Won’t Remind You of Glengarry Glen Ross

Why are most business blogs so crappy? Also, what’s with all those shaven headed males? Examples: Seth Godin, Shep Hyken, Flavio Martins. Blogs are such a great format. And yet, they are largely dominated by the same, male, boastful, 1980s marketing jargon.

Here are the 3 blogs that totally changed how I look at business, tech, and the consumer.

Kerry Bodine

Kerry is an independent consultant and book author with a background in market research at Forrester who focuses on the customer experience. If you want to understand journey mapping, she is your best bet. Kerry is also a powerful woman, someone who would probably tell Glengarry Glen Ross to go fuck himself. Just sayin’…

Markus Giesler

Markus, a thought leader in market creation and the customer experience and a “40 under 40” business professor, teams up with his MBA students to offer cutting-edge sociological insights for managers. This blog is wild. And it’s Research Based (the kind that gets funded by serious grants and science foundations). It’s also syndicated by the American Marketing Association. Quality here…

John Doherty

John is a growth marketing consultant based in San Francisco and the only blogger I know who makes SEO sound like a fun and elegant process rather than a thing dudes would do secretly during summer camp. John offers the right combination between nerdy and sensible, entrepreneurial and down-to-earth. And yes, his shirt is cute too!