Save the media from itself
John West

Great article.

Two thoughts:

  1. I wish the “media” hadn’t bought into the notion that we’ve all got the attention span of a goldfish. I don’t, which is why my two favorite publications are The Atlantic and Vanity Fair. But then, rather than binge watch Game of Thrones, I’d much rather binge read a fascinating real-life story! One thing we tell corporate clients and entrepreneurs is to really understand your market and create a niche for yourself with people who really want what you have to offer. I think much of the media has ignored that basic business advice in trying to be something for everyone. So they pander to the lowest denominator then can’t compete because that’s what online “publishing” platforms mostly cater to in any case.
  2. Had they had sufficient foresight with respect to the disruption that digital would cause print, media organizations might have organized themselves the way that the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists did to give us the Panama Papers. Now there’s a story and it ain’t going away any time soon. Don’t tell me that citizen journalists or entrepreneur journalists or any of the other oxymorons we’re using (these folks are NOT journalists…writers at best, but few have any idea of balanced, objective reporting) have the skills or the patience to pore through those 11.5 million documents and the knowledge or understanding to analyze what they mean.
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