Cities Will Spark the Trump Resistance
Scott Rosenberg

Many companies, certainly the ones I use as examples to the business groups I speak to, are adopting the “coordinate and cultivate” metaphor instead of the militaristic “command and control” so many of us have been used to (as outlined in Thomas W. Malone’s 2004 book The World of Work). Business as gardening seems particularly apt, given nature’s diversity, ability to sustain and innovate under even the most crushing of environmental conditions, and natural power. Wherever possible, I promote the concept of leadership as cultivating others’ talents and abilities, listening to other’s ideas and using higher order thinking skills to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate. As opposed to that of a general ordering everyone into battle — with casualties including human dignity, creativity, loyalty, trust and engagement.

Time for a major shift, certainly. Thanks for letting me know about NewCoShift!

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