Liz Long
Liz Long
Jun 10 · 19 min read

  • Attendance is currently at its lowest in 19 years in England and at a 10 year low in Scotland and Wales.
  • In 2017–18, 1.28 million women did not take up their invitation for their cervical screening test.
  • Cervical cancer usually affects women over the age of twenty but the highest rates occur in women aged between thirty and thirty four.
  • 99.8% of cervical cancer cases are preventable in the UK.
  • Each year in the UK, over 2800 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer.
  • Common symptoms of cervical cancer can include: Vaginal bleeding between periods and/or after sex, pain in the pelvic area, discomfort during sex.
  • Very early-stage cervical cancer may have no symptoms whatsoever. This is why the importance of your regular cervical screening test is crucial.

Olive & I on our ‘living’ trip to the Lake District.
Post radical hysterectomy. Pre internal bleeds!
Mark and I at our friend’s wedding, May ‘19. Stronger together.

Liz Long

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Liz Long

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