beautiful sleep

There is something incredible about lying next to someone at all hours of the night. Another’s body intertwined with yours makes one feel as if both are puzzle pieces fitting together flawlessly. You can feel their heart beating under their chest, and you can hear each and every breath they take. The soft brushes that happen every so often when someone moves are such simple movements, but elegant too. The warmth from their inviting body can send chills to yours. You feel a sense of comfort when you adjust and they pull you in closer and tighter. You do not feel alone. You are wrapped up in another’s arms as your eyes start to drift off and eventually close for sleep.

the stunning determinant of when we sleep

Before you know it, the morning light arrives with the start to a new day. The want to stay in bed feels like a need because of the appeal that takes over your heart. The sleepy eyes that take their time to adjust to the light finally open up into your own. Vulnerability takes over. You have both woken up from sleeping or dreaming, both very private aspects of someone’s life. There is no way to hide, but you do not feel the need to because of the beauty that comes with waking up next to someone. There are no words spoken, but their lips form a soft smile that seems to last forever.

There is a calmness about the morning when you are lying with someone that makes you forget about the busy world that is going on around you. Some read the newspaper and drink coffee, while others choose to spend every last second lying in bed avoiding the thought of the day ahead. There is no choice but to start the day and face the world with hope to fall alseep next to them after the sun has set and the moon and stars shine from the dark night sky.

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