snowy night

footprints and the sun shining on the frozen river

We took our first steps on the untouched layer of snow that covered the usually grassy ground as we made our way up the hill. We reached the top and became speechless from the view. The path around the lake that usually had bikers and runners was covered in white without a footprint in sight. The allure of walking on snow that nobody else has walked on makes you think twice about taking the next step onto the blank campus in front of you as if it was your future. We were fascinated by the trees that surrounded us because they were dusted with snow on each branch and twig. The lake had been frozen over, so the layer of ice was sparkling under the moonlight. There were no street lights, but we could see every little detail around us. The moon shone down on the glowing snow to light up the world. If you looked up at the bright moon, surrounding it were hundreds of stars contrasting against the black behind them. We felt a sense of calmness and contentment because of the magnificence of our peaceful surroundings.

Matthiessen State Park— January 2015

We were discovering the gracefulness of simplicity at the age of 18 and had accidentally stumbled upon the enchanting moment because of midnight sledding. There was a stillness in the air that made the entire experience magical. There were no birds, no cars, just silence filling the void. We stood there in the soundless field in absolute amazement that there was such grace so close to home. That experience connected us in such an astounding way because it is difficult to put into words the beauty that we witnessed that night. That night will forever be in my memory because of the peace and quiet that taught us all to appreciate how precious nature can be.