sophomore slump

Baker Lake/summer 2015

I am officially half way done with college and can feel the motivation slowly leaving as the days pass. I live for the weekends and summer/spring/winter break just to have a relief from my schoolwork. Everyone needs to slow down and relax sometimes, but you have to know when that break is over. Motivation can be found in cheesy quotes, but lyrics are what really do the trick for me.

You might have heard the instrumental version of this song in the background of a Marshall’s commercial, but the lyrics really bring the song to life. Youth Lagoon’s “Montana” has the perfect set of lyrics to believe in if you’re stuck in a rut.

“And a plant is said to be dead if it doesn’t grow
I’ll grow
I will grow”
chicago/fall 2014

So some words for those who feel like they are stuck in a slump with school ,work, life: don’t give up, always keep growing, and take new opportunities as they come. Even if the opportunity seems risky, take that step. You never know what you’ll learn from it. I have learned over the years to never stop learning, never stop dreaming, and never stop growing.

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