#NewLeaf Keep on Turnin’ Proud Mary Keep on Burnin’ Rollin, Rollin…

A few years ago, I was having too much fun. I had decided to reign things in …for real this time. I was so serious about it, I committed it to a hashtag- and even used it in public. People that knew me best had their doubts, the best response to me telling someone that I was, indeed, turning over a #newleaf was, “I know what’s on the other side of your leaf. The Old Leaf!” I was never one to commit to self-improvement for very long. It’s so restrictive!

Long story short, #NewLeaf living has really produced some great results. Like, “Hashtag Blessed!” kind of results. I’m not overtly goal oriented, but I have achieved some major things that I really hoped that I would accomplish.

It’s been a minute since I’ve thought about that hashtag. I think that I’ve successfully turned over the proverbial new leaf, gotten my #newleaf legs under me. So much so that I’ve gotten pretty comfortable here. I may have to start on the next phase. Actually, I absolutely have to start on the next phase. I’ve gotten used to coasting now that things have become easier for me.

So the next phase is to step out of my comfort zone. It’s not a new concept, it’s almost a trite saying, bundled up with other quotes to post on social media streams. But it’s new to me and I am just realizing how much I have limited myself from opportunities because I’m afraid that I won’t pick it up super fast.

So I’m going to be mad uncomfortable for a good while.

Job: I just found out what I’m really good at doing, and I left that position to start doing something I’m not 100% sure I’ll be that good at. This was a tough decision to make, but it’s already paid off in some significant ways to some important people that could pave some good paths for me. My case worker in this universe has some great turnaround time.

Health: I was about to give up on the working out thing because of some health issues that have come up (getting old) but I have started a new dance class that is completely foreign to me and will have to work work work at getting the technique, and I started a new kind of workout class. The payoff has been that everyone in the dance community is super kind, welcoming and close-knit. The instructor of the workout class invited me to train to get certified in that kind of workout and to become an instructor too. Again, super quick turnaround time, case worker!

So it seems that I have a great head start with the decisions I’ve made and whenever I feel super uncomfortable and want to quit, I’ll have to remember that I’ve been fast-tracked and to stick it out. If such good things happened when I started, really great things must be around the way, right?

ps. posting on medium is also a big uncomfortable thing for me. I have read some amazing content and the bar is pretty high.

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