Why We Consider Influencers ‘Friends’ Even Though We Haven’t Met Them

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We’ve all seen that person who is constantly glancing their phone while they are talking to you.

I’ve been that person before and I’m pretty sure you have as well.

It seems that with today’s technological communication, we would rather text a friend than call them. With the rise of social media and influencer culture, our in person social interactions are being substituted for parasocial relationships. Never in human history, have we had more opportunities to connect with others online in real time, especially with the onset of livestreaming.

What is Twitch Livestreaming?

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The introduction of Twitch, a video live streaming service launched in 2011, bought by Amazon has skyrocketed to popularity. …

I was not motivated to write this article but I wrote it anyway.

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So right now, I am not feeling motivated to write this article. I have not written anything for a long time due to other commitments and deadlines to complete.

So it’s been difficult to get myself motivated to sit down, open my laptop and start typing on the keys.

For a long time, I was waiting for the right motivation to come at the right time to propel myself into action. …

This is very true, its easy to be a consumer rather than a creator.

YouTube Addiction Is Real So We Should Talk About It

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I have a confession to make.

I’m a YouTube Addict.

Here’s how it happened.

This started when I was in high school when I got my first iPhone. I remember eagerly coming home, plonking myself on the couch with a snack, grabbing my phone, and opening up the YouTube app. I would scroll through my subscription box looking for any video that caught my attention. Needless to say, most of the videos intrigued me. I would start watching the first video and from there, this addictive cycle would begin.

I would binge-watch around 3–5 hours of YouTube videos daily about fashion, food, comedy skits, tutorials, and art videos. However, this would eventually spiral into the most random of viral internet songs, videos, and memes. This went on for weeks. …

The Art of Mastering the Boring Fundamentals

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“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought with ardor and attended to with diligence” — Abigail Adams

At the start of this year, I wanted to learn Chinese. So I applied to a language course.

The first class was boring, to say the least.

The teacher rambled on and on about tone, pronunciation and grammar. She didn’t mention any phrases that we could use in conversation or even how to introduce ourselves.

I walked out of that class very confused.

Why weren’t we learning how to actually speak in Chinese? Why were we simply learning how to pronounce the tones correctly? …

Why Active Recall is the Best Technique to Retrieve Information

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We all have heard the advice from productivity gurus, that we are all “Lifelong Learners” but how do we learn new information? And how do we recall what we learn?

Whether its a news channel, book, Medium article, new skill or a social media post, we are bombarded with new information on a daily basis. Therefore, we are learning new information constantly. This makes it difficult to remember important information that we need, for example trying to remember facts for an exam.

As a university student, I remember spending late nights trying to cram as much information into my brain as possible by writing notes repeatedly. However, despite my efforts, my grades were average. …

A Step By Step Guide When You Have Too Many Interests

Source: Giphy @lobsterstudio

Piano, painting, drawing, knitting, baking, skateboarding, swimming, dancing, baking, reading, writing, DIY, cooking, languages, scrap-booking, Karate.

These were some of the many hobbies that I wanted to explore but the only problem was that I couldn’t do them all at once nor did I have the time to.

I was stuck, paralysed with too many interests. I didn’t know which hobby to start with. In the end I didn’t start any hobby at all.

The Paradox Of Choice

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I’m pretty sure everyone has been overwhelmed with choice, particularly with the choice in hobbies and interests.

But how can this be when society tells us that happiness equals freedom in choice? …

The rise of movements such as Feminism and Men’s Rights Movement both raise valid points regarding gender specific issues

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The term ‘Gender War’ is often a buzzword within American culture that incites a wave of differing opinions. Is there a war of women or is there a war on men? Has the rise of Men’s Rights Movement come up to counteract Feminism? Likewise, has these two movements caused a gender divide?

The Rise of Feminism

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The First Wave of Feminism occurred in the 19th and early 20th century which as largely lead by the Women Suffragettes. …

Why is there an increase in protests around the world?

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Photo by Alex Radelich on Unsplash

The Black Lives Matter Protests, the Hong Kong Protests, and the protests in Chile are just some of the current protests happening in our world right now. Images of buildings on fire, thousands of people, riot police, tear gas, smashed windows and cars are constantly portrayed in the media but they often fail to examine the deep rooted cause of such dissent. What is really causing this spike in global protests? Are governments accurately responding to this? How can we,as global citizens strive to understand and actively promote change during these movements?

Is the frequency of protests actually increasing?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to quantify the frequency of protests due to vague definitions of what type of activity determines a ‘protest’ as well as the difficulty in tracking protests that occur in remote places. This makes it hard to come to a precise numerical measurement regarding the amount of protests that have occurred since the last decade. …

University is not anything like the movies.

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So there I was, a fresh graduate from high school ready to tackle the looming challenge of university. As I walked through its open gates, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I had been accepted into a double degree, studying psychology and law for my undergraduate degree. …


Liza Blue

“My inspiration tends to come from two words. The two most important words to a writer: What if?” — Beth Revis Writer. Bibliophile. Psychology Student.

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