How to Compress Quicktime Movie

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has taken the world by storm with its unique movie conversion features. This software offers an immense experience at a low price. It contains a collection of over 50 input formats to choose from and can work on any computer and on almost any phone or tablet. If a user wants to reduce and remove redundant video data in order to make a specific video smaller in size so that it can be stored on his computer hard disk or sent over a network, then Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the best software available to make that process look easy and of course to do it efficiently.
The first thing you have to do is download Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. You can easily do that, since you can find it on the official website.
If you’re looking for the ways to compress video files with QuickTime Player Pro, please check here.

Just follow the steps bellow and you will find it an easy process to compress whatever video, that is an MOV file, you wish to. Normally, the first thing to appear after opening the software is what you can see bellow.

STEP 1. Load (QuickTime) Movie files to Wondershare Video compressor

The most important thing is to import a video; one clicks on “add files” button which can be found at the left top corner of the interface and in the center of the screen. Though, it gives you the opportunity to drag your video file to the video layer for conversion too. You have the option to import more than one file and can they will show as thumbnails on your screen with details, so that you can preview them.

STEP 2. Select MOV as the output format

The upload options are rich with unique software and import facility that comprises of 18 video formats, 14 audio formats, 8 HD formats, 6 web and 10 3D formats. You can reveal the drop-down format list by clicking the format image icon on the right. MOV files are often used to save movie files to a hard drive or any other media device and are the file extensions used by the QuickTime media software. Select MOV as the output format and then you are ready to go to the next step.

STEP 3. Click on the settings

You can modify video and audio parameters by clicking on the settings. You should focus on the following:
A) As far as the quality is concerned you can choose from high quality, standard and small size. These are the available options. You should choose small size in order to compress.
B) Modify the video parameters. There are four different parameters that can be modified. The first one is the encoder that can be kept original or changed to Xvid or H264. The second one is the frame rate that can be kept original or you can choose to change it from 12fps to 60fps. This is the number of frames per second. You should consider keeping the frame rate of the compressed copy the same in order not to affect playback and avoid the case where audio may not sync properly. The third one is the resolution that can be kept original or can be changed from 240*160 up to 1920*1080. This is the size of the outputted video and is measured in pixels. Finally you can change the bit rate from 2000kbps up to 30000kbps or you can keep it original. Every second of the video a certain amount of data is being used and that is represented by the bit rate. Most of the times this is measured in kilobits per second. Usually, larger videos have a constant bit rate that stays the same during the video, while those that have a variable bit rate that changes depending on the amount of action on the screen tend to be smaller video files.
C) Manipulate the audio parameters. There are four different parameters that can be modified. The first one is the encoder that can be kept original or changed to AAC. The second one is the sample rate that can be kept original or changed from 22050Hz up to 48000Hz. The third one is the channel that can be kept original or can be changed to 2 or 6. Finally you can change the bit rate from 96kbps up to 320kbps or you can keep it original.

STEP 4. Start MOV Compression

When you have made all of your choices on the settings then you are ready to start the compression. Just click on the Convert button and that will activate the MOV file compression. You will be able to see the progress of the compression, the source file with details and the destination file with information about it such as the format, the duration, the resolution and of course what is more important when compressing a file its size. As soon as it reaches 100 percent you will be notified. There will be a choice to open the folder where the new file is saved so that you can open it and check the quality and size of your file. The video can even be shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter or You Tube.

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