re overlooking how unwilling these women are to give up the benefits that white supremacy and patriarchy have bestowed upon them.
Stop Trying to Flip Female Trump Supporters
Jessica Valenti

Being passive about white supremacy by not taking direct action against it, makes us culpable bystanders to the footsoldiers. This is not being overlooked, it is as evident as ever and exactly why we cannot stop. To stop trying is a luxury of our whiteness. White women will continue to benefit from this administration’s policies of white supremacy, regardless of your intentions and thus again, we leave our WOC sisters behind. Our feminism is not intersectional unless we support the tireless, under acknowledged, under paid and ignored work that women of color are already doing against white supremacy. This is about more than political strategy — white women who are not actively fighting against white supremacy are still in association with it. All week WOC, especially educators and public figures who are in great numbers followed by white women, have been vocalizing the need for white women, now more than ever, to reach out to their fellow white women — precisely the one’s you are saying we should stop trying to flip. We have to listen to WOC, we have to be actively anti-racist (beyond our own voting choices), we have to support the work of WOC already doing this.