As a lifelong Harry Potter fan, I often fantasize about attending Hogwarts. I would learn magic with a wand that chose me at Olliverander’s shop, carry a satchel around campus stuffed with quills and flaky parchment, and fly a broom recklessly at the discretion of Madam Hooch. While exciting to dream about, none of these witchcraft and wizarding activities are real. I had to find a tether to reality that gave me the illusion of actually understanding and performing magic.

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Coding, of course, isn’t part of the wizarding universe created by JK Rowling, but it captures the feeling of learning something that most muggles can’t comprehend. Because programming really does feel like magic sometimes. One of the most satisfying parts of coding and development is the chance to build something from nothing. At Hibob, I feel like I attend my very own muggle Hogwarts, where we learn, practice, and create magic every day. …

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