Drawing Ireland

I was enchanted

Everyone talks about how wonderful Ireland is. Before I visited, I was warned that I would be completely charmed and easily won over by the people and the countryside. I recently got an opportunity to discover this for myself, traveling to a portion of the west coast, as well as Dublin and surroundings. It was not my first time on the island – I had been to Dublin the previous year – it was my inaugural journey into the hills and small villages.

Of course I drew as I traveled. I saw castles of course, and lakes, cliffs, the ocean and rolling hills. Alarmingly, it was sunny the entire week I was in Ireland; everywhere I went, I was thanked profusely for bringing the weather. The roads were narrow, and the generosity wide. I loved being there.

The drawings here are my journal, my record of some what I saw, and I tried to convey what I felt, and some of the people I met. I ate delicious food, slept in beautiful hotels and met lovely people. It is a country that I will most certainly return to – in part because I have not seen it all, but mostly because the country has me completely enchanted. When I do return, I plan to visit Monaghan County just north of Dublin, where my ancestor Peter Donnelly came from. Peter emigrated to New York City around 1800, and while I may not find his actual birthplace (there are quite a few Donnellys in Ireland and records before 1800 are slim), I know I will find sheep, beer, bicycles, music, poetry, books, beautiful green country, welcoming people and, of course, humor.

My travels for three days 0f drawing were made possible by Meet In Ireland, a company that helps to bring business travel to Ireland for conference gatherings, retreats and meetings. They were wonderful.