2K18 Hollaa!

My guys,I think that was an amazing drinkcember what!!!!It’s done. I can feel my liver singing all songs of praise 😂😂 because hell it’s 2018. Yes when we are giving the bottle a break. Wasn’t that our promise?

Anyways, I know I am like 6 months late but Happy New year fam🤗. This is a fresh plain book down on your table and a pen in your hand. Go ham,go hard,go extra💪. Take all those risks that you are having second thoughts about. Say Yes to everything because you don't know if that's what your future self will always be thankful for.

Spread kindness. Be nice to everyone around you and if you find someone whose soul is not aligned with yours,send them love and move. Pray for your family and friends and mention them by name. That's the prayer keeping your friend.

Also,check on your people.Tell them you love them.

Put God first and work your ass off because you have 2018 to outdo yourself. Be gentle on yourself and always remind yourself that you are only human. It's okay to break down but always make sure you have a strong come back.Listen more than you speak,trust me,it will save you alot.

Finally,Forgive yourself and learn to compliment yourself. Love those parts of your body that nobody claps for and be your biggest supporter.

Here is to the most beautiful year you have lived yet. I wish you nothing but good health,positive wealth, alot of laughter and good vibes. ✌

Till next time, live it out. 👊👊

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