Sa Pa, Vietnam —

I can’t put words together to form sentences to explain the views, the experience, and the nature of this beautiful town.

& I feel myself becoming repetitive with expressing what we’re experiencing while traveling..but how do you describe such an organic view that feels like you’re starring at a painting? How do you describe the feeling of being higher than the clouds? How do you try to explain the sight of culture, especially without a picture? Just how?

I’m not a writer, but I consider myself one that sees things differently behind the lens, I’m a writer through my pictures. I’m not a professional photographer, for god sake, I have a Canon Rebel, but I read while sipping on Vietnamese coffee and reading a magazine “many people can share the experience and joy of photography”- Justin Mott. So I hope you fall short of words starring at the beautiful scenery of Sa Pa, Vietnam, just like I did.

There’s no better place to grow out your eyebrows and wear no makeup.
No, this is not a blunt.
Sticky rice inside bamboo- grilled, then broken open to rice that tastes like heaven. You tear pieces off and dip in crushed peanuts!

Smiles. Smiles. Smiles. Smiles. Smiles.

We did a homestay for one night in a village, these were the kids in the streets, and the house we stayed in.
This beauty never went to school, and learned from her mom how to cook, make her own clothes, make medicine, etc.
They weren’t just potatoes..
She’s 14 years old, making her way to High School, and she prepared dinner for the two of us, along with her family.
This was just for Fiori and I and holy shit was it amazing! But before feasting, we took a shot of rice wine.
Time to walk the buffalo and play dress up.
& I finally met someone in this world who eats more than me.
Earth- you’re so god damn beautiful.
What a true blessing it has been.
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