Words and Artwork by Liz Andrade

Panel 1 / Panel 2 of “Bleeding in Need” by Liz Andrade

Story by Morgan Roe / Artwork by Liz Andrade

“Survivor Mama, Teaching Consent” — Page 1 and 2 (description below)

Words by: Dani Weber / Artwork by: Liz Andrade

“My Journey To Femme Power” — Words by: Dani Weber / Artwork by: Liz Andrade


4 page black and white comic in a muted color palette of tan brown, soft baby blue, soft powder pink and white.

Page 1:

Illustration of a person with short blue hair is walking across the page and waving to us. They are wearing a pink vest, an off the shoulder crop top and pineapple printed high waisted pants with boots. They are smiling! and saying…

Hey friends! I’m Dani… here to wish you a Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

I’ve struggled a lot with not feeling “trans enough” — because…

Art by Liz Andrade | Written by Melanie Travins Mullins.

This was created as part of the #ShoutYourAbortion zine Issue 1: Dear Doctor. (http://shoutyourabortion.com)

March 10 is the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers, observed every year on the anniversary of the day in 1993 when David Gunn, MD, was murdered by an anti-choice extremist. #AppreciateProviders, #NDAAP


A start black background with decorative handwritten style white text. In the center bottom there is a black and white line drawing of a wavy haired woman holding up a ultra-sound photo of a fetus, the woman’s nails are painted red. In…

Sex-Positive Podcasts That Helped Me Realize, I’m A Sex Geek.

I identify as a ‘sex geek.’ It’s a term that was coined and made popular by renowned sex educator Reid Mihalko and I’ve been one since before there even WAS a term for it. A Sex Geek is much like a geek of any other flavor. Geekiness denotes a persons passionate and intense interest in a subject. Star Wars Geeks, Typography Geeks, Sex Geeks, get it?

I listen to 10 times more sex related podcasts than I do design podcasts (I run a design strategy business, so that’s relevant!)

Like I said, Sex Geek.

These are the audio podcasts…

“Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day” by Liz Andrade

Before you go out for your Valentine’s Day date and get bloated with food or drunk on wine or sweaty on the dance floor — fuck first. If you don’t, you may miss out on doing it later because you’re too tired, too full or too drunk. Bonus: If you want, you can always go for round two after the date if you ARE up for it! ☺

Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Originally published at lizandrade.com.

Liz Andrade

Liz is a Design Strategist, #SexGeek, Pro-Intersectional Feminist, Internet Nerd and Fanatical Cat Lady! They live in Seattle, WA.

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