Liz Andrade
Feb 20, 2015 · 4 min read

Sex-Positive Podcasts That Helped Me Realize, I’m A Sex Geek.

I identify as a ‘sex geek.’ It’s a term that was coined and made popular by renowned sex educator Reid Mihalko and I’ve been one since before there even WAS a term for it. A Sex Geek is much like a geek of any other flavor. Geekiness denotes a persons passionate and intense interest in a subject. Star Wars Geeks, Typography Geeks, Sex Geeks, get it?

I listen to 10 times more sex related podcasts than I do design podcasts (I run a design strategy business, so that’s relevant!)

Like I said, Sex Geek.

These are the audio podcasts that have inspired me, educated me and made laugh out loud like a loon while walking through the grocery store.


This is the newest show on this list. Hosted by Ashley Manta and Katie Mack, a sex educator and self-identified sex-positive newbie respectively. These two women are best friends and the conversations they have on the show take on a very playful tone. Ashley’s work as a sex educator helps to anchor the show in many ways, but following Katie’s journey through learning so many new things about sexuality and relationships is equally as intreging. It is a great dynamic that makes for an entertaining weekly show. I hope this podcast is around for a long time!

Guys We Fucked

This is a comedy podcast, hosted by New York comedians Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher where the two friends talk about their sexual histories and conquests and actually interview men in their lives that they have hooked up with. They coin the show “The Anti Slut-Shaming Podcast” which puts it on this list for me, even though Krystyna and Corinne are not educators or involved in the sex industry in anyway, these two women have fun discussing their sexuality honestly and are so open to new ideas which is clearly sex-positive! Bonus points that this show can make me laugh out loud during nearly every episode.

Lunch with Legs

Hosted by Burlesque Artist, Legs Malone. Each week Legs interviews a notable person within the sex-positive community, but the conversations often times veer off into completely non sexual territory. I love how this casual format shows you aspects of these authors, performers and educators that you wouldn’t have learned about in a more sexuality focused interview.

Polyamory Weekly

Hosted by Cunning Minx, a poly and kinky sex-positive educator and activist who has been producing the Polyamory Weekly podcast since the early days of podcasts back in 2005. This podcast devoted to sharing tales of responsible non-monogamy from a pansexual, kink-friendly point of view. You do not have to be Polyamorous or Kinky or Pansexual to benefit from the candid and insightful discussions on this show. Anyone interested in thinking critically about relationship styles and communication is going to find this interesting.

Sex Nerd Sandra

Sex Educator, Sandra Daughtry explores fascinating topics and perspectives on sex and love. With a special guest each week, Sex Nerd Sandra explores topics from all over the sex-positive map in a very approachable way.

Sex Out Loud

Tristan Taormino is an educator, pornographer, and activist hosts weekly interviews with some of the most interesting people within the sex industry discussing sexuality, sexual politics, relationships, gender and everything in between.

This show is currently on hiatus, so while new shows are not currently being published — there is an archive of pure sex-positive gold!

The Whorecast

Hosted by Siouxie Q, a sex worker, activist and journalist who writes the weekly column, The Whore Next Door for the SF Weekly. Siouxie strives to humanize people in the sex industry by sharing stories, art and voices of American Sex Workers.

Siouxie Q having experience working within the sex industry herself adds a dynamic to these conversations that could not have been achieved with a host from outside that world. Guests talk about sex work as those in any other industry might discuss their jobs, instead of focusing solely on the most titillating aspects of the industry as with mainstream media these conversations get personal, political, and sometimes downright hilarious!

Why Are People Into That?

Hosted by sex worker and journalist Tina Horn the format of this podcast goes above and beyond a lot of the weekly interview shows that seem dominant on this list. Right now, Why Are People into That? is only released monthly, but each show has been better than the one before and just seeing it continuing to evolve. In each episode, Tina and her guest explore a different fetish, perversion or niche within within sexuality and ask the question “Why Are People Into That?”

Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage is a sex advice columnist, author, and founder of the It Gets Better Project. The Savage Lovecast has been bringing Dan’s sex advice column voice to the internet airwaves since 2006. This is the only show on the list that follows the advice show format, and Dan fields questions from all over the sexuality and relationship map.

Open Source Sex

This was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to. Violet Blue began producing her show back in 2005, which includes interviews and erotica readings. Violet is an investigative tech reporter as well as an award-winning sex author and columnist, making her the foremost expert in the field of sex and technology. This podcast was discontinued back in 2011, but you can download the archive from her website and you should.

Sex Is Fun

This is another oldie but goody. This show was produced from 2005–2011 with a collection of five co-hosts who each brought their own unique perspective to discussions about sex, relationships, gender, sexual health, etc.

    Liz Andrade

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    Liz is a Design Strategist, #SexGeek, Pro-Intersectional Feminist, Internet Nerd and Fanatical Cat Lady! They live in Seattle, WA.

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