A Response to “You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.”
Stefanie Williams

I have family that supports Trump too. But I think you’re missing the point of the other article. Your sister has all of these liberties as a woman because of women who marched in the past. She has the liberty to ‘prioritize’ what’s important to her and vote on it.

Things that don’t apply to your sister, also don’t apply to me. But I still march for others because they determined it was important for them. And they need the support. You can stand by in silence, in apathy. But I won’t. What happens when your sister finds something she does need support for? By your principles, I shouldn’t care, because it may not apply to me… so why should I care? And I get it, we all have different viewpoints and needs, but that is a very self-centered approach to focus only on the things that directly impact you at the present time. We will never break this cycle if we continue in that mindset. Be the resistance. Advocate for Health Insurance reform, advocate for the things you’re prioritizing, don’t sit by and think the gov’t will fix it for you. The left was too complacent/stagnant the past two terms and that is part of the reason we’re here now.

(Also, the march was not anti-police. We were hive fiving and hugging the police, and we respected the law. Not ONE SINGLE ARREST in DC on Saturday during the march.)

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