Solid comment and I hope you’ll read my response. Maybe you won’t agree with it, but here it is.
Stefanie Williams

Of course I’ll read it :)

“So are you saying (I ask honestly) that the rights those women before us marched for should only be utilized if they fall in line with what you and other women think are right? Or did those women march to give us all voices to use, regardless of whether they are popular?

No, I’m saying it sound like you’re drawing a line on progress, that there’s no need to see outside your present priorities. There are still people in our country who do not have equal representation or equal voices. So it’s not comfortable for me to ignore that, and only see my priorities. I’m not talking about specific controversial topics where you form an opinion, I’m just talking about equality. But maybe that’s an opinion to you as well, and you can choose to not prioritize it. *shrug*

“No one marched for her in that regard, which is fine. No one marched for my mother who pays 900 a month for a shitty plan, because of her income, and hwo just paid 500+ for medication needed preop for cancerous cells found in her eyes. Because my mom works hard and makes good money, she pays for others to have free or low cost health care, but no one works to help her pay for hers. No one marched for her.”

Why didn’t she march for those things? Why didn’t you march for those things? We all had our own reasons for marching, and sorry — but we can’t read minds. How am I supposed to know about your mother’s health care if you’re not actively advocating for fixing the problem and seeking support?

“In no place in my piece did I say the march was anti police.”

See the part in your original post, “My sister is expected to care about a transgendered bathroom bill, when those who wish to convince her of its importance march against her husband, his job, and the risks he takes every night he is at work.”

“And not one woman in those marches seemed to put the lives of the husbands, sons, daughters, wives mothers, and fathers, on the list of priorities for that march.”

They did, and I was there. They were marching with us, and cheering the police as we encountered them (there were not that many police that we saw).

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