I trained an A.I. to generate British placenames
Dan Hon

East Fuckley. West Fuckley. Upper Fuckley. Lower Fuckley. Market Fuckley. Fuckley in the Wold. Fuckley Bywater. Great Fuckley. Littleton Fuckley. Marsh Fuckley. Woods Fuckley. Fuckley Overhill. Fuckley Underhill. Fuckley le Heath. Cold Fuckley. Fuckley St. Mary. Fuckley End. Fuckley’ s Fen. Fuckley All Saints. Fuckley Bridge. Fuckley Cross. Fuckley’s End. Fuckley in the Moors. Fuckley in the Clay. Fuckley in the Elms. Fuckley-On-Trent. New Fuckley. Old Fuckley. Fuckley Heath. Fuckley Common. Fuckley Downs. Fuckley Green. Fuckley Hatch. Middle Fuckley. Chipping Fuckley. High Fuckley. Fuckley Hill. Fuckley Side. Fuckley Bottom.

(copied from my reply tweets to Xeni when she posted it from Boing Boing.)

These would all be contained within about 1 square mile. The residents of Fuckley End and Fuckley’s End have a centuries-long feud, because the people of Greater Fuckley and Chipping Fuckley keep getting them mixed up, even though Fuckley End and Fuckley’s End are down two ENTIRELY different branches of Fuckley Lane.

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