We are a fear based people, born in fear and bred by fear. By nature, we do not choose love, we choose what we have been taught to choose; through our families, tribal instincts, religion, peers, schools, teachers, media and thoughtlessly live as the mold we have been shaped into. In fear, we don’t even know what we are doing. People do not naturally love from within, they, by fear they live in denial of what love really is and copy what they have seen. What they have been taught.
We are a fear based people, born in fear and bred by fear.

There are some points I feel are misleading, if not untrue. Humans are born with inherent compassion and empathy. And yes some will be raised in an environment that is not compatible with these emotions, thus learning how to adapt successfully in order to survive. To say that we do not by nature choose love is incorrect, which also applies to tribal instincts. It’s by nurture fear becomes a learned reaction to stimuli triggering our “walls” to go up. The reason we are born with this warning system is to protect ourselves from experiencing the painful emotions (grief, betrayal, self hate, etc.) that manifest from the loss of compassion and yes, love. We love from within. Naturally. Maybe I misunderstood you. Maybe you were saying that generally when people look for love they aren’t beginning by looking within and loving themselves first. Either way, love and compassion never leave a human beings map of intrinsic emotions.

It’s funny how I stumbled upon your response after seeing the Dalai Lama speak on how, while hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic recently (or is he still currently there? I’ll look it up 🙂), he spoke with a group of neurologists who were essentially trying to make a map of emotions. A few doctors asked him how Tibetan Buddhists knew of several inherent emotions, with their knowledge dating back to ancient Indian volumes. He responded by saying the moment a child pauses before acting signaled arising emotions.

“In all my actions may I watch my mind, and as soon as disturbing emotions arise, may I forcefully stop them at once, since they will hurt both me and others.” — Verse Three, “The Eighth Verses For Training The Mind”

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