Awesome Harry Potter tips for real life.

Research shows that human beings have about 60,000 thoughts a day and a lot of them are negative and conditioned to our life circumstances, our thoughts keep jumping from past to future and this can easily be called torturing ourselves. All Potter fans know what dementors are, well if we think about it deeply our toughts are just like dementors! They suck our souls and all our happy memories one by one, they make us unstable and hopeless. When I thought about this I couldn’t help but say jk Rowling is a genius!! It was all infront of me the whole time, expecto patronum!!

Every time you are having this dementors, (toughts for muggles) sucking your soul and stability think about the happiest memory you have, hold that memory in your mind and feel it, feel how the happiness takes all over your body and the dementors go away.

Jk Rowling is a genius.