Image attribution

This image by Liz Cable is licensed under CC by 4.0 | Created in CANVA

Above is an example of how to attribute an image to yourself. If you use someone else’s work — provided it has the correct creative commons license to enable you to do so — then you must take care to attribute it correctly. It’s also customary to link back to the original when the picture is clicked on.

  1. Attributing an image to yourself:

The creative commons wiki has a good article on best practice for picture attribution. In the caption beneath the picture above you can see I have credited it to myself. I took a photo of my lunch on a book shelf, and then filtered it through Waterlogue which is probably overkill, but hey, it looks pretty. I made it into a header image using a Canva template.

I could have put an image title in as well, but that wasn’t needed.

2. Attributing an image to someone else:

If the image has a title, use it, and link it back to the original. Give the owners name, and link it back to their website (or they may ask you to link somewhere specific), then link to the correct license that the owner has chosen. The licenses can all be found on the creative commons site.

3. Putting a link on the picture:

This is one of those hidden features of Medium. Click on the picture in editing mode to make it highlighted with a green border, then click Ctrl+K (command K on a Mac), and this will enable you to paste in or type a link. It’s usual to link back to the owner’s site, or the site where you found the picture.