The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

You keep saying that you didn’t know how much this meant to the LGBTQ community but you had to know. There were articles about it. You promoted the hell out of their relationship to get viewers and it worked. It bloody well worked and then you stabbed them in the back. I understand everything you’re saying in your article and while it’s all true for most shows and characters you played a game in which everyone lost. The LGBTQ community is going through a fight for rights and representation and you can’t understand that. You fell into the same trope and pattern of every other show with gay characters. Clarke will probably end up with Bellamy and everyone will say that Lexa was just a phase. That’s what being bi is considered anyway. You haven’t helped representation, you’ve hurt it. I hope you know that you betrayed your fans; the loss of 50,000 followers should be a good reminder. I hope you remember all the young people who are still crying, who are self harming and having suicidal thoughts. I hope you’re proud of your handiwork.

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