That Moment When…You Realize You Love Jim Harbaugh

Good morning Liz Acolytes and Apostates!
 It’s time for a fresh chapter of the upcoming Liz Memoir: Headache Pay: A Beerwench’s Adventures
 Yeah, it’s a cliche up there in that title and something that sends many an interwebs meme screaming into the night but….It’s the best phrase I can use right now because…
 I Have Had An Epiphany.
 And made a decision.
 Why do you care?
 I don’t know but you are the one reading this memoir so here we go.

As I approached the 2-year mark of my divorce I realized it was time to stop blaming — being — the victim.
 No, not the kind of divorce from an actual spouse.
 The kind from a company that I helped found.
 If any one of you has experienced That Moment When the people you trusted with everything….your future, your living wage/livelihood, your heart (because I gave that up too)…looked you in the eye and said “We are done with you,” you know why it’s akin to a divorce.
 I spent almost two years in a stew of emotion. The stages:
 …Are not some kind of stepping stone, linear progression. Trust me. They happen all at once, sometimes inside of one day…hell, sometimes inside of an hour — ok, fifteen minutes. Maybe that’s my Type-A personality but there you go.

Without dragging you through all of them with me all over again, suffice it to say that today, on April 19, 2016, a month before the Memorial Day Friday two years ago I was told “We would not be where we are today without you. We are letting you go,” I can say that I win.
 NO, they’ve not come begging me to jump back into their testosterone-addled mix. There is a particular force in that building who would drown himself in a vat of his own wort before he allowed that to happen. I am aware enough of my own surroundings to realize this.
 I’m also aware that Things Are Being Said about me, even today, over there and while that realization sent me back into a brief spiral of The Stages, I awake today still saying: I Win.

Because I did something better, more important and way more crucial to the world at large than anything in any way related to that business.
 And this is how it circles so nicely and literarily (yeah I write books and make money off that too) back to That Moment When A Spouse Dumps You.

I spent the bulk of my years doing a more important job. And I’m reaping those dividends now.
 My kids (the aforementioned “Wenchlings”) are about to become three adults, launched into the world, working hard and….while they keep the shitty stuff from me….successful so far.
 I did that.
 And nothing anyone says about me now, or tries to do to drag me down (for reasons that truly are a mystery at this stage — -hmmm….must still be intimidated by my Massive Ovarian Power) will ever change that success.
 That Moment When you realize your three almost-adult children are working hard to achieve their dreams and you helped do that?

Oh and that Baby I birthed on behalf of those other guys? It’s doing great too! Double Bonus Points to me.

I’ve decided that I’m no longer worrying too terribly much about what anyone thinks or says about me. I know what I did to allow others (my kids included) to be successful so far. I also know what I did not do.

I’m sorta in a “Jim Harbaugh” frame of mind if I do say so myself. Having worked for several months getting to know him, his brother John and their history in Ann Arbor on behalf of the Pioneer High Athletic Department’s attempt to raise some funds (Oh, BTW we did. $50k’s worth. Just saying) I’ve become a bit of a Jimmy stalker. I love that guy’s attitude. So I’m adopting it myself (or, perhaps re-adopting it).
 I may not be everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, but I get shit done. And I have fun doing it. Like my man Jimmy H. You don’t like it? Then walk away.

Make it a great Tuesday!
 If you have a house to sell, and want me to bring my “attitude” to bear to make that happen….you know how to find me.

 p.s. Kudos to Mr. Wench for helping me reach this particular epiphany. You and I are not perfect, but we are more so when we are together.

Originally published at on April 19, 2016.