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Yessssss. All the yessssss to this point. I saw in one of our NOW docs a point someone made about reaching out to and recruiting male feminists. My heart dropped to the floor and I got anxiety immediately — mainly because I have had some extremely traumatic and triggering experiences with men who have self labeled themselves as feminists at Evans. These experiences actually drove me to write this story actually. Fun fact: these ‘feminist men’ have actually been more problematic to womxn/WOC at Evans than ones who don’t identify. Again with the fake woke and how fucking problematic labels and self identifying is!

I’d rather people step back from labeling themselves with jargon/buzz words (many POC/womxn would really rather they didn’t too so why are they doing it? It’s an exercise in pumping up one’s ego?), and rather they explore the true meaning of these identifiers by doing self work, cultivating genuine relationships with people who are different from them and attending the odd social justice/anti-racism/white friendly POC events without taking up all the space.

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